Video release to general public… Click here to view

Okay, so last month I said I would release all music updates to my email list before any others….

I had to break my word….. however I’m quite sure you all will understand and agree I made the right choice.

The video you are about to see has been a project i have worked on for the last two years.  The song itself took nearly five years to complete.

Two years ago we were shooting in the park and Anne Costello decided to join us after initially declining our invitation to participate. She was the last women filmed that day. She told me she was battling cancer. And while she was finishing lunch she decided to do this for her family.

The video was completed a few weeks ago and when I walked in the cafe’ near where we filmed, (Anne hung out there most days) I was informed that she passed on June 18th ’14.

I was deeply saddened that she would not see it.  So I found her husband on-line and introduced myself.  I asked if I could forward him the video and share it with him.  He told me Anne spoke of that day often and she wondered what ever happened to it.

I officially released the video to him first and he asked if he could share it with his family…..and of course I said NO, I have to send it to me email list first. 😉   Just Kidding……….

Dear Anthony,

This is marvelous and I am so grateful. You captured Anne’s essence here. She did eat life with both hands–in so many different ways.

~David Costello

Hello — I just received and was awed by your video — David Costello forwarded it to me because I was married to Anne’s brother and we all had a great friendship and time together.

I just wanted to thank you for this video — what a special and important thing you have done to provide us all with something we can see again and again and keep as we celebrate Anne.

The essence of Anne’s bravery is clear in this video.  We are grateful to you for your thoughtfulness in letting us see a peek of our Dear Anne.  With gratitude, Karen Maury