Nothing places you in the heart of a moment like music. It comes from an almost intangible place, a wellspring filled with emotions and a power to bring people together. Tony Tripi has been using that power for years, creating new music filled with life, love, and soul. He understands that everything is happening now, and that all of us are shining from moment to moment. We are connected, all of us, sharing an individual and collective human experience. Tripi’s music examines and highlights that truth in a positive manner, reminding listeners they are neither powerless nor alone. If you’ve ever suspected that music can change the world, join Tony Tripi on his journey. You may discover you’re right.

Growing up in the Midwest, Tony was influenced by a wide range of musical influences. The smooth crooning of Dean Martin and Tony Bennett. The outlaw country of Waylon Jennings. The howling Detroit rock of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. The epic psychedelia of The Doors. The raspy poetry of Tom Waits. The pure funk of the Ohio Players. All that music makes an impression on a young man. It’s an education, but you can’t teach that. You can only live it.


Tony Tripi knows that there are long, dark nights, and there’s nothing that will get you through but the right singer singing the right song, with words that feel like they were written expressly for you. You feel a heart connection with it, and it gives you hope.

Tripi has spent his life walking a mile in your shoes and his music, filled with hope and harsh, beautiful human truths, reflects that. Lyrically beautiful and musically rich, the music of Tony Tripi is rock and roll for the soul.


Tony’s first two albums, “No Ugly Kids” and “Big Medicine” are available here on CD or as MP3 downloads. The first of four new EP’s is scheduled to be released this year, and the first place you’ll be able to find it is right here!


If you are in Buffalo, NY, you can experience a live music and guided meditation with Tony Tripi and his friends at the Hope Center. Bring your yoga mats or blankets, pillows, water and your friends. Reconnect with yourself as the musicians help you work your way through the chakras, bringing healing and a sense of peace.


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